Rehab and Performance Solutions

Unbridled Equine provides holistic and customized rehabilitative care that takes into consideration all aspects of your horse’s wellbeing. Our exclusive and cutting edge services restore your athlete to their peak performance, and more importantly, will get you and your best friend back in the ring.

Rehab and Performance Solutions

Unbridled Equine provides holistic and customized rehabilitative care that takes into consideration all aspects of your horse’s wellbeing. Our exclusive and cutting edge services will restore your athlete to their peak performance, and more importantly, will get you and your best friend back in the ring.

Injury Recovery

Performance Conditioning

Post-Surgical Layup

Rehab the Right Way!

Don’t take the risk of rehabbing/conditioning your horse incorrectly which can lead to injury reoccurrence, muscle imbalances, more time off, and further frustration. Our team of Certified Equine Rehabilitation Therapists work alongside each horse’s owner and primary veterinarian to rehab all breeds, ages, and disciplines.

Rehab the Right Way!

Don’t take the risk of rehabbing/conditioning your horse incorrectly which can lead to injury reoccurrence, muscle imbalances, more time off, and further frustration. Our team of Certified Equine Rehabilitation Therapists work alongside each horse’s owner and primary veterinarian to rehab all breeds, ages, and disciplines.

What type of care is right for my horse?


Rehab care is the period of time after stall rest or time off from an injury before the horse starts back to under saddle work. Rehab treatments focus on safe fitness in a controlled environment without taxing an injury, and emphasizes care for areas of compensation. In rehab care, we treat each horse holistically utilizing top of the line rehab equipment and treatments to reduce the occurrence of reinjury. 100% of our attention is given to overseeing treatment plans determined by veterinarians.


Performance care includes cross training, conditioning, and holistic care for horses as a way to improve fitness and performance. Performance care can be provided prior to a horse show, during a layover between horse show weeks along with your regular schooling and turnout schedule, or as post-horse show recovery and pampering. Performance care is also a great way to keep your horse at their best during periods when you can't make it to the barn, including times of vacation and heavy work obligations.

Our Services

Hudson Aqua-Pacer Underwater Equine Treadmill

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Designed for the advanced development and improvement of equine athletes of all ages & disciplines by offering low-impact, high-resistance therapy or workouts for faster recovery and rehabilitation from injury or simply to correct gait imbalances. The Aqua-Pacer uses hot & cold water, varying water heights (to customize resistance and buoyancy) speed and duration to customize a protocol for each equine athlete.  Benefits includes rapid build up of muscle across the shoulders, hind end, and top line as well as improve circulation and decrease inflammation.


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The Vitafloor is built in to an entire stall floor, instead of being a free-standing plate.  This allows the horse to move about freely in an environment that they are already acclimated to.  The control unit allows for adjustment of the angle of the floor, vibration, time, and programming-which allows us to customize each session on what is best suited for the client. Horses have access to water and are under constant supervision.  The benefits of the Vitafloor includes an increase in bone density, enhancement of muscle-tone, and improvement of hoof quality.  It is also known to help with joint and muscle soreness, resulting in an increase in suppleness, strength, and flexibility.

Horse Gym USA Treadmill

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Horse Gym USA Equine Treadmill is an imperative tool for improving endurance and stamina, developing muscles, and the ability to rehab an injury in a controlled environment.  The speed and incline can be tailored to each individual horse’s treatment objectives.  Treadmills have the ability to increase the swing and overall flexibility of the horse’s back while not being impeded by the weight of a rider.

Eurociser & Roundpen Complex

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Multi-horse, temperature controlled horse exerciser with the ability to vary the direction and speed.  Sand footing with daily grooming and watering. Round pen located in the middle of the structure for lunging and ground work.  Benefits include timed & measured pace, circumference of track is acceptable for horses cleared for hand-walking only, ability to be with other horses safely.  All horses working within the complex are under constant supervision.


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The MaXuSS Thera 230 is made up of 22 Infrared lights, 2 UV lights and 6 circulation fans.  Solariums are very effective in relieving sore or stiff muscles, increasing blood flow and oxygen, dispersing lactic acid, expediting wound healing, and reducing chronic inflammation.  Infrared lights aid in stimulating the immune system.  Each individual panel can be adjusted to the contour of the horses back to ensure maximum comfort and benefit. 


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Each equine massage is tailored to the specific needs of each horse by our FEI top-tier certified equine massage therapist. Every massage includes a combination of methods ranging from therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point release, acupressure, myofascial release using RockBlade and Hypervolt tools, cupping therapy, chakra balancing, essential oils, and more.

Magnawave PEMF Therapy

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Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy is administered through a copper coil that creates a pulsing magnetic field.  PEMF research has been ongoing since the 1940s and provides many benefits.  Magnawave increases blood flow, decreases inflammation, speeds up injury recovery, wound healing, bone mending, immune system boosting, and pain reduction all while being non-invasive.   All Magnawave sessions are administered by a Certified Magnawave Practitioner who has been trained to respond and adjust the treatment based on non-verbal cues.


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Instead of using needles to stimulate acupuncture points and energy meridians, acupressure utilizes thumb pressure at the acupoint and assesses the horse’s reaction. Imbalances in energy flow cause problems such as pain, inflammation and muscle stiffness.  Acupressure has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine.

RevitaVet Light Therapy Poll Cap

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The RevitaVet Poll Cap-aids in calming horses, treating the frontal sinuses, TMJ, 1st & 2nd Vertebra, and the primary acupuncture points in this area. Using the poll cap before or in addition to other modalities, lowers their defense mechanisms which allows for the opening of the rest and relaxation pathways.

Kinesiology Taping

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A physio-therapy treatment that lifts the skin from the tissue, while reducing pain and stimulating circulation. Kinesiotape reduces swelling, provides stability, can improve proprioceptive feedback, and reduces recovery time. This product works on a variety of injuries.

We believe apples and nose-kisses are just as important as treadmills and massages

Unbridled Equine’s holistic approach ensures that your horse thrives in an environment that is safe, comfortable, and caring. Beyond your horse’s rehab treatment plan and schedule, we are dedicated to spending the time with your horse that we would with our own - at our very core we simply love caring for horses.

Our beautiful facility provides all of the amenities your horse needs for exceptional care including: heated barn and facilities, 12’x14’ matted stalls with outdoor windows and open stall fronts, fly control system, mounted individual and aisle fans, 32 sand and grass paddocks, routine night check with staff on premises, administration of supplements and medications, 100’x200’ heated indoor arena with Attwood Equine Service footing, 125’x200’ outdoor arena, 13 acres of grass riding field with jumps, indoor and outdoor grooming and wash racks.

Meet Our Team

Katie Hawkins

Katie Hawkins, holds a BS in Animal Science from University of Illinois and a Masters of Arts in Education from Dominican University. In addition to being a lifelong equestrian and currently competing in the jumper ring, Katie is a wife to Greg, Mom to Quinn and Baylor, Owner of Unbridled Equine, where she has earned the highest certification in equine massage, FEI equine permitted therapist, that allows her to work on equine athletes at the top of their sport. She is also a certified Equine Rehabilitation Therapist, and certified in RockTape Kinesiology taping, Acupressure, and Equine Trigger Point therapy.  Katie believes that every horse deserves to be “heard,” and through massage therapy, she can listen to where a horse is hurting, compensating, or struggling with tension, and work to relieve it so they can not only feel better, but perform to their best ability.

Kate Wallace

Kate Wallace, holds a BA in Economics and Finance from North Central College. Growing up cleaning tack and riding naughty ponies, Kate returned to riding in 2012 after getting married to Troy, and having Caleb, Madelyn, and Nora. Kate owns and operates her own bookkeeping business as well as being a certified Equine Rehabilitation Therapist and MagnaWave PEMF practitioner. While riding her horse is a priority, Kate has found a passion over the years for caring for horses and helping them to feel their best in the jobs they are asked to do.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Why is your program better than me simply rehabbing my horse at home?

Rehabbing takes time, expensive equipment and a holistic approach.  Not only do we want to help rehabilitate the injury, but we also want to address the rest of the body that spent time compensating for the injury.  Your horse should be feeling good in their body before they are asked to go back to work and carry a rider.  We are able to give the time and attention required to oversee every detail of the rehab process, ensuring that we give them the best possible start back to work.

Can I use my own vet?

Yes!  We are happy to coordinate care with your current vet for any procedures or re-checks as needed.

I am from out of state, who will you use for veterinary services?

Our “in-house” veterinarian is Dr. Paige Billek from Fox Valley Equine. Dr.  Billek DVM, CERP, CERPV, CBA, CVMM, graduated from Iowa State University as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  She received her certification in Equine Rehabilitation from the University of Tennessee, and her Equine Rehabilitation and Performance certification from the Integrative Medical Institute.  In addition to rehab, she is certified in Veterinary Medical Manipulation (animal chiropractic), Veterinary Acupuncture from the Chi University and she also studied at the Northwest A&F University in China for a month.  Dr. Billek believes not only in the benefits of rehabilitation after an injury, but also pre-habilitation to not only keep reoccurring injuries from returning but most importantly, to prevent them from happening.  She assesses movement patterns for areas of asymmetry that may predispose a horse to future injury or lameness.  By taking this into account-along with the horse’s confirmation, muscle imbalances, and compensation patterns she is able to develop a program geared for long-term, consistent soundness and performance.

Who is overseeing my horse’s rehab program?

Your horses rehab program will be overseen by 2 Certified Equine Rehab Practitioners as well as a veterinarian.  We will not diagnose or perform any services without the consent and direction of their doctor.

How do I know when my horse is ready to come to your program?

We feel that we add the most benefit to your horse a month or so before you are ready to get back under saddle.  We want to best prepare them mentally and physically to handle a rider on their back.  We would happily take horses that are not that far along in the process, but they would need to plan for a longer stay.

What do I need to do before I send my horse to your program?

We will need a current coggins, any instructions from your vet, ½ month payment is due upon arrival and all paperwork must be completed.  It’s best if your horse is freshly shod as well, as the water and PEMF therapy can cause more rapid foot growth.  If you are local, your farrier is more than welcome to work on your horse on-site.

How long should my horse stay in rehab?

Many factors will go in to determining length of stay.  We will make that decision along with you and your vet, and it will depend on the severity of the injury, length of time off, and desired fitness level.

Can I send my horse for conditioning while I am out of town?

Of course! We love to have visitors come for some conditioning and body work while their owners are out of town, or even if you just want to send them for a week or two for a change of pace or before/after a horse show.

What will my horse be fed?

Your horse will have access to a grass/alfalfa blend hay 24/7 and be fed the DECS custom feed created by an equine nutritionist.  If you would prefer to keep your horse on their current grain, please send it with them along with their daily feed schedule.  If your horse is on any supplements, please send those as well.

Am I allowed to ride my horse while they are in your rehab program?

If you and your vet decide that your horse is ready for a rider, then you are more than welcome to use any of the Deerpath riding facilities. We have many options for schooling your horse on multiple footing types.  We offer a synthetic sand arena inside, a traditional sand arena outside, and 13-acre grass derby field

How often can I expect updates?

We will provide a formal update once per week, but… since we work with such a small group of clients you are much more likely to get pictures and updates more often! We will treat them like they are our own!

What if I want to add on any additional services?

If you wish to add any additional services that are part of the package, please let us know and we can add them.  If you would like services that are provided by a vet only, we are happy to coordinate chiropractic care, acupuncture, injections, shockwave, etc. either with our in-house vet or the vet of your choice.

What if I have questions or just want to check in on my horse?

We get it!  Sometimes you just might miss them!  You will be provided with direct lines to our team upon arrival and can check in on them when you need to.  As long as we are not in the middle of rehab work, we will respond as promptly as possible.

What benefits does the water treadmill provide that differ from just riding my horse when it comes to rehabbing/conditioning?

There are many reasons why the water treadmill is better than you just saddling up. In a rehab scenario, it is not always safe to put a rider on their back, and after significant time off, you want them to be able to build back their strength and muscle without the interference of a rider.  For a horse that is using it for conditioning purposes, it’s a way to let them exercise and build muscle that is unlike any other means they are accustomed to.  The benefits of water include an increase in stride length, improved balance and stability, and over-all cardiovascular fitness as well as muscle-tone.

Ready to learn more about our Rehab and Performance Solution Services?

Want to learn more about equine therapy and rehabilitation?

Unbridled Equine offers hands-on internship opportunities

Any diagnosing or prescribing of Therapy or Rehabilitation must be by a Veterinarian. Unbridled Equine Rehab & Performance Solutions, LLC will advise clients as to the best of their knowledge but will not and cannot in any way diagnose injury or illness.
Unbridled Equine Rehab & Performance Solutions, LLC requires a Veterinarian to sign off on any animals coming to the facility for post injury conditioning.
Our on-call Veterinarian can assess any horses needing approval for treatments.