Have YOU ever tried kinesiology taping?  If you have, it has probably rocked your world too.  RockTape is the best kinesiology tape on the market right now!  The benefits of RockTape are awesome – pain mitigation, decompression, and neurosensory input!

The nitty gritty details are that RockTape has a lifting effect on the skin which relieves pressure from the nerve endings that are responsible for pain.  Decompression action allows for increased circulation and can reduce inflammation or edema.  The neurosensory stimulation means that RockTape helps to “close the gate” by bombarding the brain with touch receptors (mechanoreceptors) thus helping to block the transmission of pain receptors (nociception).  But for you to really understand all of this….I just need to tape you!

I am certified in RockTape application for horses and riders.  Kinesiology taping can help with the wear and tear and associated pain that riding consistently puts on our bodies.  Anything from neck, should, back, hip, and knee pain to postural taping to give you an edge in the show ring!  Once I fix you up, then I can move onto the k-tape needs of your horse.  Here are a few examples of horses I have helped with RockTape:


My main goal of using kinesiology tape as an additional offering to my massage services is to educate the owner/rider on how to safely and accurately apply RockTape to themselves and their equine partner.  I am pleased to announce, that my amazing customers will be able to purchase RockTape from me for cheaper than you can buy it anywhere else plus I will be including my time for free to show and teach you how to apply RockTape yourself.  Equine RockTape is $35/roll (retails for $40) and Human RockTape is $15/roll (retails for $20).   If you or your horse are having nagging pain, let’s get you guys started with kinesiology taping ASAP.  If I’ve already RockTaped you or your horse, please take a moment to share your experience and feedback.