A few of Unbridled Equine’s core values are generosity, gratitude and respect. I believe that meaningful acts of goodness start a ripple effect of positive energy and love in our world. While sitting at the beautiful Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, IL this week and watching all these gorgeous hunter/jumper horses walk by my vendor tent I was struck with equal parts of admiration and sadness. I so deeply respect what fine-tuned athletes both horses and riders are at this show. The coats on these horses gleam from daily grooming and quality nutrition, and they fly around jumps with absolute grace from exceptional care and training. What a charmed life for these amazing animal athletes. But this type of lifestyle is not the norm for most horses.

There are so many horses that live in deplorable conditions, and aren’t cared for properly. I once worked along side the Kane County Animal Control on a mini horse that lived near my house. His hooves were so over grown from lack of farrier care for years that he was unable to walk anymore. He was left in this pasture to die all by himself. It is vitally important for horse and animal lovers to be an advocate for these magnificent creatures. We domesticated them, we ride them, we keep them in stalls…..so it is our responsibility to give them the love, care and respect they deserve. So many unwanted horses that have nothing wrong with them but ended up with bad people or in bad situations are sent to auctions to be bought by someone else for a cheap price or to end up in the kill pen. As of July 17, 2017, an amended bill allows horse slaughter plants to be inspected thus allowing horse slaughter to open up again in the United States. Now I am not standing on my soap box claiming to have the solutions for how to deal with the high number of unwanted horses in the United States that end up at auction and slaughter houses because they aren’t useful to their owner anymore, they’ve gotten too old, they have health issues, or were carelessly bred. But it takes brave individuals to stand up and speak on their behalf.

There are so many incredible horse rescue organizations that are taking steps to help protect, repurpose, and re-home the over 150,000 horses that end up at slaughter houses each year. I believe that just as horse show athletes need and deserve massages to stay physically fit and emotionally healthy from the stress and strain of competing. The rescue horse would equally benefit from massage for healing physical and emotional wounds they incurred due to the horse community turning their backs on them. One day every month, UNBRIDLED EQUINE WILL BE DONATING EQUINE MASSAGE SERVICES TO HORSE RESCUES AND HORSES IN NEED. I want to share my gift of healing hands with horses in the community that deserve health, happiness, and rehoming. If I can be any part of that positive shift in the horse world, I consider it a win! If you are a non-profit horse rescue or know of a horse in need, please reach out to me at katie@unbridled-equine.com, (847)987-1350, or on my Unbridled Equine Facebook page. I look forward to sharing these stories of hope and love with all of you!

Unbridled Equine was formed in 2017 by Katie Hawkins as a result of following her passion to use her healing hands to help horses and their owners. Katie specializes in providing Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage and Senior Massage therapies. In addition, she offers essential oil therapies to compliment her comprehensive services.

When a horse feels uninhibited and not restrained they are freed – unbridled. Unbridled Equine provides certified, professional treatment options for all horses. We are focused on exceptional care – using healing hands and proven massage methodology.