Welcome to Unbridled Equine, LLC!

My main goal for this company is to provide you and your horse professional treatment and exceptional care.

Unbridled Equine has an intriguing story of how it developed during my own personal journey in finding health. After battling with Hyperemesis gravidarum during both of my pregnancies and then suffering from Postpartum depression after my second daughter was born, I was excited when I finally felt healthy enough to return to a lifestyle of working out and riding regularly. A few months into this routine, I badly herniated a disk in my back and was out of commission for months. I was practically bed ridden, in an immense amount of pain, and not able to live out the active lifestyle I love due to this back issue. I was scheduled for surgery and at a total low point in my life. I had been sick on and off for the last four years, and I couldn’t take one more minute of sitting on the sidelines of life. This was a turning point for me and I shifted my mindset on health. I decided I had to create my own treatment plan that worked best for my physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

In a way, I finally became unbridled and chose to listen to my body and find health services that not only treated the pain but fixed the problem all together. I dove deeply into chiropractic care with decompression, deep muscle and facia work with a naprapathy, aquatic physical therapy, and many massages with acupressure and cupping. It felt like getting healthy was my full time job! Due to the prioritization of these health modalities and working diligently towards health, I was able to cancel back surgery. I also returned to the active lifestyle I so deeply enjoy – playing around with my two toddlers, hiking and riding bikes with my husband, practicing yoga, and riding, lessoning, and showing my sweet horse Oscar. I have first hand experience with how chronic pain and sickness can make life unbearable, and I want to be part of a health care team that can bring horses this same level of individualized care that works best for their needs. Horses respond amazingly to massage as a routine part of their healthcare regime.

I’d be honored to work along side of you and your horse to create a treatment plan that works best for them!